Founded in 1871, Re-Established in 1987, With Origins Dating Back to 1833. 
Gamma Sigma Tau

Welcome to the history page of the Delphic Fraternity,  a historic multicultural organization with over 150 years of history, tradition, and brotherhood.

Friendship, Fellowship, and Fidelity.


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Delphic - Gamma Sigma Tau

The Delphic Fraternity,  also known as Delphic of Gamma Sigma Tau, is represented by an undergraduate chapter in Virginia, three alumni chapters in New York, and professional graduate chapters in New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina. The few, the proud... Delphic.

Gamma Phi Society to the Delphic Fraternity

The Delphic Fraternity can trace its genesis back to the formation of the Gamma Phi Society founded around 1833 at Colgate University. Gamma Phi merged into the Adelphian Society whose members went on to form the Delphic Society at the University of Rochester. The society at Rochester was the predecessor organization to the Delphic Society founded in 1871 at the Geneseo Normal School, which later became the Delphic Fraternity