Heinz Ahlmeyer

Delphic Brother Heinz Ahlmeyer Jr. became a member of the fraternity around 1964. He graduated from New Paltz in 1966 and then enlisted in the military. Heinz was reported missing in action during the Vietnam Conflict. He was a Marine Lieutenant who was presumed dead on May 10, 1967, his first day of duty in Vietnam.


Heinz Ahlymeyer was a native of Pearl River, NY, and attended Rockland Community College prior to graduating from SUNY New Paltz.


Heinz was an exceptional athlete who participated in several sports during his time at New Paltz. His positive attitude was a major factor in each team's overall success. The college named an award in his honor.


 The Heinz Ahlmeyer Award is presented each year to the New Paltz athlete whose "dedication, perseverance, and service beyond self has been an inspiration to both his/her teammates and fellow students."


In January 2005, Heinz's remains were officially identified and he was finally honored with a memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery on May 10, 2005, 38 years to the day he was reported missing.


During the 2005 Alumni Weekend at SUNY New Paltz, the college commemorated Heinz's sacrifice at a special ceremony that included Delphic alumni and members of his soccer team. The October event was held in recognition of his service to the college community and to his country. Ironically, the discovery of Heinz's remains coincided with the 40th anniversary of his soccer team's 1965 championship victory.  


 In November 2005, United States Congressman Eliot Engel presented a bill to rename the U.S. Post Office in Pearl River, NY after Heinz. Congress passed the bill, which officially named the Pearl River post office the Heinz Ahlmeyer, Jr. Post Office Building.


 In 2007, Rockland Community College recognized Heinz, who attended Pearl River High School and was a member of the wrestling team at RCC, by establishing the Heinz Ahlmeyer Memorial Scholarship for new students.  


An annual varsity soccer game at SUNY New Paltz is also named after Heinz Ahlmeyer Jr.


 "The New Paltz college community was clearly enriched by Heinz Ahlmeyer's presence on this campus," said Steven Poskanzer, former president of SUNY New Paltz. "He touched so many lives here and is remembered with great affection and honor. We hope that what we do now can convey our gratitude to his family and ensure that his spirit will always be very much alive at New Paltz."


Feb. 6, 1944 - May 10, 1967