Notable Alumni

John B. Abbott - This Founding Father of the Delphic Fraternity was a New York county judge, the first president of the Livingston County Bar Association, and a State Democratic Leader.


Heinz Ahlmeyer, Jr. - A United States Post Office, a community college scholarship, an athletic award, and a varsity soccer game are named after this Delphic alumnus who lost his life during the Vietnam War. 


William George Butler - World-famous musician, composer, and one of the founders of the Delta chapter of the Delphic Fraternity at Mansfield, Pennsylvania.


Rowland L. Davis - New York State Supreme Court Justice.


Henry Albert Dickinson - New York State Assembly Member who helped draft the city charter of Cortland, NY. 


Dr. John H. Doane - A building at Mansfield University is named after this physician and his family. 


Arthur J. Gmeiner - Businessman, artist, and philanthropist.


Alfred Harcourt - Founder of the Harcourt Publishing Company who worked with some of the most famous writers of the 20th Century.


Louis Jay Heath - Foreign correspondent for United Press International and one of the first organizers of the American Newspaper Guild.


R. Paul Higgins - A residence hall on the SUNY Cortland campus is named after this Delphic who was a prominent physician and higher education officer.


Clayton R. Lusk - The Lusk Field House at SUNY Cortland is named after this New York State Senator and Acting Lieutenant Governor of New York mostly remembered as chairman of the "Lusk Committee." 


James M. Milne - The library at SUNY Oneonta is named after this Founding Father of Delphic who was the first principal of the Oneonta Normal School.


William James Milne - Although not an official founding father, William Milne was instrumental in the founding of the Delphic Society. He was an educator, academic administrator, and author known for heading two teachers' colleges in New York State and writing numerous mathematics textbooks. 


Charles T. Saxton - American Civil War Veteran, New York State Senator, and Lieutenant Governor of New York.


David Eugene Smith - Mathematician, educator, and editor considered one of the founders of the field of mathematics education.


George B. Strait - A planetarium at Mansfield University is named after this popular professor.


Harold G. Strait - A state highway is named after this prominent resident of Mansfield, Pennsylvania.


Frank E. Welles - This Founding Father was a prominent professor at SUNY Geneseo and former Superintendent of the Utica City School District.

William James Milne

David Eugene Smith

Louis Jay Heath

James Mollison Milne